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Solution Categories

This solution enables healthcare organizations to visualize their data in 6 weeks and with only 3 clicks uncovering unprecedented, actionable insights. The proprietary platform of AI/ML engines and modules surfaces major revenue and savings opportunities for a transparent view shifting from a reactive to proactive healthcare organization. This highly innovative solution was founded by one of the top thought leaders with 150+ patents who oversaw the largest AI/ML math sciences team in the US delivering solutions across many industry verticals. This experience has been applied to offer a solution which uniquely embeds client healthcare enterprise business models and process levers for taking action from a population dashboard and patient-level drill downs.

Ai Billing
  • Founder and CEO is one of the most distinguished AI/ML experts in the US with 150+ patents
  • Leadership has 200+ years of combined experience in AI/ML including Healthcare
  • The platform is powered by Revenue, Risk, Workforce and Engagement Optimization Engines
  • The solution consumes limited to broad data without requiring time-consuming IT integrations
  • 25+ AI/ML Accelerator Modules are a part of the library of solutions for rapid deployment
  • Examples of AI/ML Accelerator Modules include Risk: Contract Optimizer, Intelligent Prior Auth; Revenue: Coding Team Optimizer, DRG/AR Optimization; Workforce: Staffing Decision Optimizer, Employee Mix Optimizer; Engagement: Patient Follow-up Optimizer, Marketing Optimizer; to name a few in each area

One of the only solution platforms offering on-demand Emergency, Critical Care / eICU, Acute Virtual Care Critical Care and Home Care operating on web, tablets & smartphones. This mobile-first platform and network of medical doctors empowers 24/7 clinical services, value-based care initiatives, and new home care innovations at a time of major healthcare workforce shortages. Omnicure was founded by an industry thought leader who is a former Chair of the Tele-ICU Committee for the National Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), co-author of a book “Telemedicine in the ICU,” and the former Medical Director of Critical Care / Tele-ICU services for the Washington University School of Medicine / Barnes-Jewish.

ICE/ ED / Virtual Care
  • Unique, patented, SaaS technology platform designed to instantly respond to clinical consult requests from the bedside
  • Empowers on demand access within 2 mins to a network of Tele-ED / ICU / Hospitalists / Among Other specialties
  • Allows clients to engage their own network of providers leveraging the web/tablet/smartphone technology solution
  • Addresses one of the greatest challenges in healthcare today due to workforce shortages exacerbated by a Covid exodus
  • Chosen as a leading solution for a US Govt National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network (NETCCN) deployed in 35 hospitals
  • Integrates seamlessly with a vast array of EMRs / EHRs and other systems using the industry leading Rhapsody Interface Platform

This solution is the most comprehensive medication adherence offering combining intelligent pill bottle caps and dispensers alongside a rules-based, omni-channel engagement engine. Each cap and dispenser can be pre-configured automatically or easily configured at home resulting in a digitized medication list. The intelligent care team dashboard delivers actionable alerts providing real-time insights that can proactively improve utilization costs and quality of life. The solution has been leveraged around the world to overcome the significant challenges of increasing patient adherence to medications for clients ranging from health systems to pharma companies.

Smart Meds
  • An enterprise grade platform for operating at scale having been deployed in 30+ countries
  • 95% average patient adherence rate is achieved substantially raising patient compliance
  • 90% average customer satisfaction achieved based upon client delivered surveys in deployments
  • The proprietary solution is supported by 6 issued patents covering highly differentiating features
  • Instant rules can be assigned to drive phone IVR, in-app msgs, SMS messages, emails and API msgs to patients and care teams
  • Some of the most recognizable brands among health systems, pharma, and health plans have leveraged the solution
  • No hub or at home setup is necessary unlike many other solutions with each cap and dispenser communicating directly on its own built-in cellular network
  • Has been designed to integrate with pharmacy platforms, EDC/IVR solutions, EMR/EHR platforms, among others

This is a proven solution to automatically present therapeutically similar, low-cost, drug alternatives in real-time at the provider point of care. Benmedica was founded by a thought leader who crafted the national NCPDP standards for Real-Time Prescription Benefits (RTPB), Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) and Formulary & Benefit (F&B) since 2008. This solution has been used by many of the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Health Plans in the US with all information delivered without integration over the Surescripts backbone to seamlessly present itself natively in EMRs/EHRs. The offering includes serving PCP/Specialist point of prescribing, pharmacy point of sale and value-based care / population health care team initiatives.

drug alt large
  • One of the most intelligent drug alternative platforms saving $16M-$28M per 1M members
  • Has been deployed with Centene (Revs $138B/Yr) nationally producing high returns
  • Many BCBS health plans across the country are engaging in using the solution
  • Impacts 17M+ members with 2M+ PCPs/Specialists driving 60M views to date
  • Surescripts, the largest prescription network provider, is a major partner
  • Prescribers, pharmacists and value-based care / pop health are empowered

This is the most comprehensive, turn-key virtual care solution to increase revenue, reduce utilization costs and empower home based care innovations with an ecosystem of SaaS software and remote patient monitoring (RPM) plus wearable devices. The solution includes the logistics to deliver client-branded kits with biometric RPM devices and an optional pre-configured tablet to instantly operate out of the box. Care teams can receive dashboard alerts from a web application identifying any thresholds that have been exceeded for patients. Clients can choose one of the standard kits with preselected biometric devices for various conditions or among a library of 400+ supported biometric RPM and wearable devices.

health kit
  • One of the most comprehensive virtual care solutions empowering a ‘Digital Front Door’
  • An official Cloud for Healthcare Integrated Partner being offered nationally by Microsoft
  • Supports an ecosystem of 400+ RPM biometric devices and wearables which can be pre-configured in kits
  • Offers bundled services including onboarding, support and clinical services for a turn-key service offering
  • Includes an extensive IP Patent portfolio with broad coverage in wearable technologies, AI intelligence, sensors, and diagnostics
  • A highly differentiated offering for its go-to-market reseller partners, health systems, health plans and provider organizations