Todd Edwards

Aspire Co-Operating Partner

Todd Edwards is a multi-dimensional healthcare business executive. He has over 35 years of combined experience at Marquette Electronics, GE Healthcare, and ConsortiEX. He has demonstrated success across functional areas including engineering development, sales and engineering management, upstream and downstream marketing, information systems business leadership, business acquisition leadership, healthcare executive leadership consulting, P&L responsibility to the U.S. federal government, and executive coaching. Within those positions, Todd grew the Marquette cardiovascular IT business from $12M to $75M in three years as the marketing manager, started a GE consulting business from $0 and grew it to over $100M as its sales leader and then Consulting P&L director, grew the government business from $200M to $500M as its DoD global director, and started his own company from idea to having an installed base of 1200 hospitals as VP/GM. Todd is excellent at building relationships that result in growing businesses and people.
Todd Edwards Headshot