Jeff Garibaldi

Founder & CEO

Jeff has succeeded in multiple high-growth companies, including a pre-revenue healthcare startup delivering a NASDAQ IPO with $400M market capitalization within ~7 years of joining and a value-based care, population health solution provider experiencing 6x revenue growth in 5 years achieving $65M in revenues in the timeframe. Jeff is a results-driven professional with significant leadership experience, including Product/Partnering Strategy, Technology Development, Commercial Marketing, and P&L Operations. He has been the lead or co-inventor of 57+ healthcare patents spanning capital equipment, medical devices, therapies, and software, enabling $300M+ in cumulative revenue.

Jeff acquired a breadth of experience as a global marketing leader after spearheading the invention of the world’s first Consolidated Display Solution in healthcare Cath Labs and launching 150+ sales executives across 20+ countries. Most recently, as Chief Product Officer of Navvis Healthcare, Jeff pursued an entire product technology ecosystem established for a value-based care/population health solution formed through product partnerships in data/analytics/care management and by driving leading three newly developed proprietary health platforms. In 2013, he was appointed by Cedars-Sinai Health System to become President & CEO of an innovative mHealth, a telehealth technology startup from concept to becoming recognized as 1 of the Top 100 Digital Health companies globally within a few years. Throughout his career, Jeff has had a passion for bringing ideas from the whiteboard to game-changing commercial offerings in the startup community for multiple decades, engaging in $100M+ in capital raises.

Jeff Garibaldi Image