Aspire has a breadth of experience to provide strategic direction and critical deliverables to achieve exceptional results on behalf of our consulting clients. We create a tailored approach for each consulting client unique to their needs.

Whether a company needs to accelerate its revenue growth, secure investment or launch new products, Aspire Health helps technology companies reach their goals often creating long-term relationships. Aspire will introduce clients to its vast network of investor funds and healthcare customers engaging its Aspire Partners who are well connected throughout the healthcare industry.

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We Empower Results

We help organizations of all stages refine their positioning, messaging and strategy culminating into polished, renovated investor presentations to help raise funds for further growth and expansion. We have decades of experience having engaged in Pre-Seed/Seed/Series A-B-C/Mezzanine/IPO investment funding. We also assist organizations with their exit strategy, including positioning their organizations to sell a portion of their assets or become acquired.

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Aspire leadership has participated in raising more than $200+ million in capital raises throughout their career allowing them to have the depth of expertise to prepare an organization for successful fund capture and valuations.

  • Investor/Acquirer Positioning & Slide Deck(s)
    Maximizing the perceived valuation and reducing the time to secure a funding round to the extent possible
  • Investor/Acquirer Opportunity Identification
    Identifying and introducing investor funds that could be a good fit based upon the capital round and company status
  • Investor/Acquirer Data Room Assembly, Renovation and Review
    Establishing a robust company data room consisting of the wide array of documents for investors and acquirers
  • Acquirer/Partner Opportunity Identification
    Identifying and introducing any clients that could be a good fit based upon company solutions and positioning
  • Investor Presentation Coaching & Mock Sessions
    Engaging in sessions to provide coaching for the delivery of presentations including key messaging and style
  • 5 Year Financial Pro Forma Projections for Investors/Acquirers
    Establishing a robust company Excel financial projection incorporating strategies to maximize valuation. Projections can reflect enhanced pricing models, go-to-market strategies, etc. 

We prepare a solid framework with clear goals and processes to carry out your go-to-market strategy.

We help organizations identify robust go-to-market pathways which are aligned with the marketplace needs of fee-for-service, value-based care and population health. Aspire establishes resonating value propositions for hospitals, payers, providers and partners to accelerate time to revenue growth. We can engage in the launch of new products or expand existing products in the market.

  • Go-To-Market Materials to Accelerate Sales
    Assessing the current state and identifying the gaps to accelerate the sales process at each phase 
  • Go-To-Market Website Renovation & Social Campaigns to Accelerate Sales
    Assessing the current state and engaging in efforts for website renovation and social campaigns to maximize leads 
  • Go-To-Market Sales Channel Strategies
    Outlining a multi-faceted, go-to-market strategy leveraging direct and/or partner channels to grow revenue 
  • Go-To-Market Sales Pricing Strategies & Models
    Identifying optimized strategies for pricing and establishing renovated/new model(s) to easily estimate pricing 
  • Go-To-Market Customer ROI Model Calculators
    Identifying optimized value propositions which can be formed into new customer ROI model(s). These models include upfront/ongoing deployment costs, default/updatable parameters, revenue/cost savings calculations per value proposition statement and a resulting 3 to 5 year ROI summary for use interactively in client meetings. 

We help you establish a best-in-class approach to sales for accelerated growth.

We can engage to establish or refine sales management processes which can increase velocity and increase conversation throughout the funnel. Aspire identifies the checklists and supporting materials for each sales stage offering clear guidance to client sales leadership.

Clients can then be presented to Aspire Partners with exceptional networks for making sales introductions throughout the healthcare industry. This lead generation effort can be paramount to the growth of an organization.

  • Sales Opportunity Identification
    Identifying any clients that could be a good fit for sales based upon company solutions and positioning 
  • Sales Positioning & Slide Deck(s)
    Enhancing the messaging, positioning and presentation slides for customers to accelerate the sales cycle 
  • Sales Presentation Coaching & Mock Sessions
    Engaging in sessions to provide coaching for the delivery of presentations including key messaging and style 
  • Sales Channel Management
    Assessing the current sales process, identifying gaps to improve and establishing a solid future state process. Sales Channel Management can also include ongoing leadership mentoring for the sales process 
  • Sales CRM Software Launching and Renovation
    Assessing the current sale CRM if available and engaging in efforts to launch and/or renovate a sales CRM 

We leverage our decades of experience in conceiving as well as executing product and software development lifecycles to transform our clients.


Aspire has deep expertise in product management and development processes having been responsible for roadmaps which have generated $300M in global healthcare sales. Our experience provides us with specialized knowledge of best practices that can be applied to effectively improve the management of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Software Development Lifecycle Management (SDLC).

  • Product Strategy & Roadmap Formation
    Assessing the current state and future potential to address the voice of the customer needs in a product roadmap 
  • Proprietary Positioning Assessment & Intellectual Property Formation
    Assessing the current state and future potential for proprietary positioning and pursuit of IP opportunities 
  • Product Technology Assessment & Build / Buy Partnering Strategies
    Assessing the current state of the product technology and identifying go-forward build / buy strategies 
  • Product Development Lifecycle Process Management
    Assessing the current development process, identifying gaps to improve and establishing a robust future state. Product Development Lifecycle Process Mgt can also include ongoing leadership mentoring for the process 
  • Product Development Design Controls
    Assessing and providing feedback regarding the product development Design Control process and documentation 

Aspire has significant experience launching and building successful healthcare technology companies.


We can help assess your organization, identify improvement opportunities and mentor leadership to empower roles. We can help identify structure and processes to enable scaling of the organization to optimize performance and improve effectiveness. We provide the blueprint for building high-performing teams and culture. We can provide strategies to motivate and inspire change in team members and set conditions for them to succeed.

  • Organizational Assessment 
    Assessing the organizational structure and interviewing individuals to identify opportunities to empower their leadership aligned to best-in-class processes  
  • Organizational Hiring Engagement 
    Engaging in the generation of job descriptions for roles and participating in the hiring interview process to offer guidance on optimal candidates 
  • Organizational Leadership Mentoring 
    Mentoring various leaders to allow them to grow and excel in their roles, while applying optimized processes to maximize their success 


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The onboarding process is simple. Before moving towards an engagement phase, we determine if there is a mutual fit between Aspire Health Innovations and an organization to work together.


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Learn business details, needs, and goals.

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Outline the engagement and level of services.

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