About Us

Aspire Health is a healthcare consultancy that leverages decades of experience transforming ideas into innovative strategies that empower growth in regional and global markets. We have an ecosystem of clients which can be leveraged by hospitals, payers, providers and partners to pursue qualified technology solutions.

Clients include healthcare startups, investment funds, and mid-to-large corporations with solution offerings ranging from medical devices to digital health technologies. We engage with healthcare companies to accelerate their time to funding and revenue by applying a great breadth of experience and connections.

Engagements span investor positioning / slide decks; investor opportunity identification; financial pro forma projections; product strategy & roadmap formation; proprietary positioning assessment & IP formation; proprietary technology assessment & build / buy partnering strategies; product development lifecycle process management; product development design controls; go-to-market sales positioning & slide decks; go-to-market materials to accelerate sales; sales / partner opportunity identification; go-to-market sales channel strategies; go-to-market sales channel management; among many other areas.

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Qualified Solution Ecosystem

With our qualified client technology solutions, we enable healthcare organizations including hospitals, payers, and partners to confidently find the solutions that can meet their goals.


Broad Areas of Focus

Our team has experience across the entire healthcare continuum and can engage in strategy, as well as hands on execution of deliverables to drive measurable growth.

Man and Woman Talking

Effective lead generation efforts are paramount to the health of an organization. Our consultants can leverage their extensive networks in the healthcare industry to implement an optimized lead generation process.

We help startup companies find those initial customers so they can get off the ground quickly. If you are an established company, we help drive you to a leadership position in your market.